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"I bought this as a gift for my dad as he has terrible circulation in his legs and feet. He raves about it still to this day! It has improved his circulation significantly." - Olivia S, UK



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• free oil massager - sensitive skin protection

• no cord or batteries - rechargeable

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Tired of feeling drained? Does fatigue weigh you down? Does stress have a tight grip on you?

Discover tranquility with the sophisticated vitlix vitalcup. Crafted for those seeking relief, our suction therapy cup offers a unique solution. Designed with advanced features to enhance your well-being, it ensures a soothing experience that helps you regain focus and stay calm amid life's challenges.

Reliable support wherever you go

Regrettably, our sanctuary of relief isn't always within arm's reach during work, our source of comfort might not accompany us for our outings, and taking a moment to find calm while on the move can be a challenge.

Considering these scenarios, we've ingeniously engineered the all-in-one solution – designed to blend seamlessly into your daily routine. Now, experience the convenience of finding rejuvenation wherever life takes you- the vitalix vitalcup!


strongly durable (three months free)

rest assured, our vitalix vitalcup is crafted with resilience in mind. With a robust build and a commitment to quality, we stand by its durability with a solid three-months money-back guarantee. This means you can trust in its effectiveness and sturdiness, ensuring a reliable companion on your journey to well-being

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